Experienced, Highly Qualified Special Needs Nanny

The special needs nannies and caregivers in The Nanny Share Network possess additional experience, training and education than their colleagues. The Nanny Share Network will match you with a caregiver specialized to work with children who have Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome or any other special need. Our nanny agency works directly with parents to ensure your caregiver meets your every criteria and holds the necessary skills to care for your child. Our nannies hold the experience, respect and patience to care for children with varying degrees of communication, dietary concerns or behavioral differences. The Nanny Share Network matches families and special needs nannies throughout Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Delaware County and Bucks County, PA. 

Nanny & Childcare for Special Needs Children

Families who have children with special needs depend on a strong support system to ensure all members of the family are respected, cared for and loved. Our nannies not only take on a special role as caregiver, but truly become devoted to the educational and emotional development of the children they look after. Nanny duties can range from travel to & from doctor’s appointments to aiding in physical therapy, homework assistance, light housekeeping, diet & nutrition and more. Our nannies for children with special needs approach every family with an open mind, taking the time to find meaningful ways to connect with your child and identify what is best for your specific family.

Skills Required to Care for Atypical Children

When you hire a nanny to assist with taking care of your child with special needs there are certain skills required to ensure the wellbeing, safety and development of your whole family. The Nanny Share Network has a specific hiring process for any person applying for a position caring for a child with special needs. Many of the people applying for this type of position are pursuing or hold a degree in Special Education & Early Childhood Development and for them this is a career, not a part time job. We carefully vet every candidate to ensure they are equipped with the following skills:

-       First Aid & CPR Certified

-       Crisis Response

-       Compassion & Patience

-       Willing to Collaborate & Communicate with Doctors, Physical Therapists & Behavioral Therapists

-       Dietary & Nutrition

-       Child Development

Families seeking the help of a full time or part time special needs childcare nanny, please fill out our questionnaire by clicking the “Join Network” link at the top of our menu. Include as much information as possible about your family, child and what you’re looking for in a nanny so we can ensure we connect with you the best fit.