We receive questions concerning different features that we offer at The Nanny Share Network.
Below you find the most common questions and our answers to them.
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We are a nanny network that helps families find the perfect fit nanny for their family. We do the work of finding you a qualified nanny who has 2years minimum experience in childcare, educational background, cpr/first aid certification, and safety and health screenings. Our network matches nannies based on the families specific needs, such as newborn specialists, special needs specialists, tutoring, etc. We consult with you on finding the best compensation for your nanny and all the needs you’re looking for. We help you come up with a contract after hiring, that clearly states your expectations and the responsibilities of your nanny. While being in our network you have us to help keep you covered for any childcare needs. We offer temporary and emergency care for last notice childcare services, so our families are never struggling with finding care. We created our network to make finding a nanny simple and affordable.

We know that childcare can run a bit expensive which is why we found a way to make our network more affordable for families. We made our network more affordable by lowering the placement fee that it cost to find a nanny by only having a small one time fee. This can help you save hundreds of dollars by cutting the cost you will have to pay our network. We know network fees can be a lot on top of paying your nanny, our network wanted to give families the opportunity to find reliable childcare at an affordable price. 

Our lowered fees isn’t the only way our network is helping you save. Our subscription is also another option to give families more affordable childcare. We give you the option to choose to opt in or out of the subscription. Without our subscription there is no extra monthly cost you will need to worry about. However for families who find themselves needing temporary and emergency care can save greatly by getting our subscription. Our subscription gives families free temporary care for our families and a lowered emergency care fee. With this subscription the worry of having backup care is over and you save hundreds if you ever find yourself needing unexpected childcare. 

While we made our network more affordable, we also found a way of paying your nanny more affordable. Our network main focus is our nanny shares which gives families the opportunity to save on the cost of childcare. In a nanny share, each family in the nanny share pays a portion of the nanny’s hourly rate rather than one family paying the full rate. In a nanny share, each family pays an average $10-$15/h per family while a single family nanny can average from 15-25/h. 

This gives families an opportunity to save greatly on childcare while still getting all the benefits of having a nanny.

A nanny share is when two families or more employ a single nanny either full-time or part-time, to care for their children. The nanny works for both families taking care of their children in a single home. Nanny shares gives our families an opportunity to pay a lower price while giving our nannies opportunity to make more. Our families save because they are splitting the cost of pay for the nanny. This helps optimize the nannies income because they’re receiving pay from each family, that totals more than working in a single home. 

Opting for a nanny share is great for the children because it allows them to safely share their day with another child during a time when a lot of children are alone because of social distancing. This is also a great opportunity to save on childcare, while still having the comfort of having a nanny. It’s not only beneficial for our families but also for nannies because it allows them to feel well compensated for all their hard work.

Maintaining home and work can be a lot to handle at times. Between work, taking care of the children, helping with homework, sports practice, music lessons, cooking, cleaning, laundry and running errands. I’m sure there are times you think, “it would be nice to have a few extra hands around here”. Having a nanny gives you the ability to focus a few things instead of having to focus on everything. 

A nanny is not only a great help for the parents, it is also very beneficial for the children. Separation anxiety can be really hard on children. Not only separating from their parents but also from their home. The place where they feel safe and comfortable. One of the benefits of having a nanny is that a child gets to continue being in a space that they know and love. We all know that children require a lot of attention. It is important for a parent to feel that the needs of their child are being met. Having someone that you know is there to focus only on the needs of your child or children is such a comforting feeling. 

Hiring a single family nanny can average from 15-25/h, depending on your need as well as the experience and education of the nanny. 

However, the costs of daycare continue to rise. A nanny share creates a happy medium between the costs and benefits of these two choices. In a nanny share, each family in the nanny share pays a portion of the nanny’s hourly rate rather than one family paying the full rate. 

A nanny share each family pays an average 

$10-$15/h per family which gives nannies an opportunity to make $20-$30/h. This gives families an opportunity to save greatly on childcare while still getting all the benefits of having a nanny. It also leaves our nannies feeling well compensated for their work.

A babysitter is responsible for the supervision of a child for a short period of time. They may tend to the children while parents go on a date or keep an eye on them for a few hours until the parents are home from work. 

A nanny is actively involved in your child’s day to day life. They are responsible for the physical, emotional and educational growth of your child. A good nanny will be attentive to what’s happening in a child’s development and will make adjustments based on the child’s needs. A nanny’s day might include inventing a game to help a toddler work on her gross-motor skills, teaching a preschooler to identify letters, or noticing that a baby is showing signs of readiness to start solid foods. 

A babysitter typically does not require any special training. While a nanny on the other hand is usually required to have a number of years of paid experience and some educational training. Parents look for certain thing when hiring a nanny such as being CPR and first-aid certified. They may also look for things such as water safety training and child nutrition training. Parents may also want their nanny to have a degree or years of experience in early childhood education. These differences result in a difference in pay and benefits between nannies and babysitters.

Here is a step-by-step list of what to expect from The Nanny Share Network candidate search process:

  1. We begin the process by asking you to fill out an application that accurately details your family’s childcare needs.
  2. Next The Nanny Share Network reviews your application and then schedule you a free consultation .
  3. After the consultation, you will be sent the registration process final steps which includes a signed COVID-19 waiver, a signed Referral Contract Agreement, and a valid payment of the Registration fee of $250.
  4. Once we receive all documents and Registration Payment, we will then explore our pool of candidates, and present you with only the most qualified individuals.
  5. Once you review a candidate’s application, which includes his/her education, experience, hobbies, personality traits, references and work history, you can begin interviewing the candidates.
  6. The Nanny Share Network will set up a virtual interview between you and each of the candidates that make it to this round.
  7. Once you want to move forward with a candidate, The Nanny Share Network will set up a face-to-face trail day between you and the candidates of your choosing.
  8. Once you decided you would like to hire a candidate. You must submit a valid payment of the Placement Fee of $350.
  9. Once the Placement Fee is received, The Nanny Share Network will aid in the success of your placement of a candidate and provide valuable tools and other resources that are helpful for you and your family.
  10. The Nanny Share Network will be there for you if you need any additional assistance after hiring is complete. 

The Nanny Share Network subscription is a single payment of $79.99 a month. This provides families with all of their back up care needs at no extra cost. This includes emergency care, temporary care, date night and a replacement if your contracted nanny is unavailable. The family is only responsible for paying the nanny their agreed upon compensation. Without the subscription each of the services listed above has their own service fee. All temporary needs such as temporary care, date night, and nanny replacement require a $150 standard fee plus an additional $50 fee per day that the service is needed. Emergency care, which is a request of care with a 24 hour or less notice has a standard fee of $175. The nanny must also be paid their agreed upon compensation.