Postpartum Doula Service

Newborns are an excellent gift that doesn’t come in a box, and so could your Postpartum Doula! Having kind and gentle postpartum support, with proper knowledge and resources can bring ease to the first days of welcoming home a newborn and create a more pleasant experience.

Each postpartum journey looks different from family to family. Our goal is to provide premium in-home and virtual support for the entire family as they transition into life with a newborn. We specialize in emotional recovery from birth, mother-baby bonding, breastfeeding and pumping support, infant soothing, infant feeding, and basic newborn care.

Schedule your postpartum consultation to start your childcare journey today. This one-on-one consultation is best before your baby is born to discuss your birth vision and address any questions and concerns you have about your pregnancy, labor, and your postpartum period. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Postpartum Specialties

Infant Care
Provide support and information about infant feeding practices - like breastfeeding, bottle feeding and pumping - as well as tips and tricks for calming your newborn and dealing with all those new parenting responsibilites.

Emotional Support
Provides families with culturally-appropriate emotional support to assist with the transitions of the postpartum period and having a new baby. This includes helping mom and dad feel more confident in their roles and ease some stress and by empowering you in other ways.

Physical Support
Provide physical support as your family recovers and grows more comfortable with their new roles. Physical support is individualized for the family's specific needs, but may include providing opportunities for rest, personal care and healing support.

Informational Support
Provide unbiasted, evidence based information so the mother can make an informed decision on what is in the best interest for her baby. When necessary, provide appropriate referrals to other individuals or providers.

Postpartum Services

Sleep Training

  • What normal newborn sleep looks like
  • How to help your baby sleep for longer stretches
  • Solutions for soothing fussy babies
  • How sleep and schedules change over time
  • And More!

Breast Feeding/Pumping Support

  • Benefits of breastmilk
  • Proper positioning and latch
  • How do I know if my baby is getting enough?
  • Common setbacks and solutions
  • And More!

Information on Newborn Basics

  • Newborn traits
  • Newborn behaviors
  • Understanding crying
  • How to comfort
  • And More!

Family Care Support

  • Infant bonding
  • Sibling support
  • Household help
  • Outside resources
  • And More!