Overnight Nannies & Childcare

While 9AM – 5PM is the standard working shift for some Americans, the reality is that the majority of our nation does not have the option to work that standard day time schedule. Those who make a living in retail, restaurants/bars, doctors, military, police officers, firefighters and IT professionals often work hours outside of daycare times. Parents in these fields face a huge dilemma when it comes to finding reliable, trustworthy childcare. However, The Nanny Share Network is here to solve this problem! We have an extensive network of nannies available for overnight shifts, as well as last-minute situations, full time & part time services and much more. 

Overnight Nanny Services & Responsibilities

On nights when parents cannot be there to supervise bedtime, an overnight nanny allows children to maintain their nighttime routine, which is extremely important for young children. These later hours are also crucial to engage in developmental activities such as reading, storytelling and discussing the day’s activities. Overnight nannies can also assist with household chores for busy parents including laundry and light housekeeping. The Nanny Share Network will match families with overnight nannies who are available for your specific non-standard schedule, but who also shares common interests and ideals. Our network includes nannies available for an occasional night shift, emergency childcare or a full-time position.

Overnight Newborn Care

One of the most common reasons to hire an overnight nanny is to ease the burden of parents with a newborn baby. Overnight newborn care is extremely beneficial, especially during the first six weeks, while parents adjust to life with a baby and make sure mom is getting the rest she needs to heal & recover. A newborn nanny will typically arrive between 9/10PM and stay until 6/8AM and tend to the babies’ feeding, burping, diaper changes and settling them back to sleep. We have nannies in our network with the skills and experience to care for newborn babies with special needs, dietary restrictions or any other special circumstances. An overnight newborn nanny ensures moms & dads get the rest needed to be their happiest, healthiest self!

When you join The Nanny Share Network, you’ll have access to a range of nannies and caretakers that fit your schedule. Whether you need an emergency nanny, full time help, part time assistance or a tutor, we can quickly match you with the perfect fit for your family. Simply fill out our questionnaire to get connected with a nanny to take some of the stress off your plate.