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The Nanny Share Network is comprised of highly qualified, reliable childcare professionals who are available for full-time, part-time, temporary and emergency employment. Founded by nannies for nannies, we understand the importance of having a caregiver you can depend on. We also want to provide nannies with premium jobs offering flexible schedules and opportunities for higher pay. Whether you’re a family in need of a nanny or a nanny in need of a job in Montgomery County, PA, The Nanny Share Network provides a full course of services for both! Easily Join Our Network (families) or Enroll in the Network (caregivers) through our website. For questions or more information, call 215-277-1300 to speak with a member of our staff.

Full Time, Part Time & Emergency Nanny & Childcare Services

Full Time Nannies: Busy, working parents who need extra support will significantly benefit from a full-time nanny to help with the children & light household responsibilities. Working a minimum of 32 hours per week, agreed upon tasks can include pickup/drop off to school or afterschool activities, preparing meals & snacks, homework assistance and light household chores.

Part Time Nannies: For those in need of childcare for only a few hours per week a part-time nanny can provide supervision, before/after school care, homework assistance & more. Minimum 20 hours weekly required.

Emergency Nannies: There are many reasons to have a reliable short notice nanny on call: work project deadline pushed up, regular babysitter fell ill or family tragedy. When you are part of The Nanny Share Network, you’ll have access to on-call nannies who can watch your children with just a few hours’ notice.

Overnight Nannies: Assistance with newborn baby care, extra help during those crucial night hours when busy parents need their sleep or those who don’t work the standard shift. An overnight nanny provides support & care for new and working parents.

Special Needs Children Nannies: If you have a child with special needs, whether physical or developmental, a strong support system is crucial. Our Montgomery County PA nanny agency offers caregivers who hold the necessary skills and training to care for children with varying degrees of communication, dietary concerns or behavioral differences.

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There are so many benefits to joining The Nanny Share Network! From flexible employment options to positive working environments and the ability to broaden your educational skills, we offer amazing opportunities for caregivers, babysitters and nannies. Join our network created by nannies for nannies. Fill out the questionnaire by clicking the “Join Network” link in our menu. Now serving families all across the state of Pennsylvania!