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Referral Nanny & Childcare Agency in Delaware County, PA

Founded with the mission to provide families with an affordable, reliable and well-rounded child care professional, The Nanny Share Network is dedicated to helping families in Delaware County, PA and the entire commonwealth of Pennsylvania. At the same time, we give nannies an opportunity to secure full time & part time jobs. Our nanny agency in Delaware County, PA provides a wide range of childcare services for families in need of caregivers. Each member of The Nanny Share Network community is highly qualified, experienced and must pass a background check, educational check, drug & health screening. We are experts at matching families with a nanny based not only on availability & location, but also on common interest and experience to reduce turnovers. Families can join our Delaware County PA nanny agency here; if you’re seeking employment, Apply Online.

Temporary, Emergency & Newborn Childcare Services

Full Time/Part Time Nannies: We give parents the option to choose between full time nannies (minimum 32 hours per week) or part time nannies (minimum 20 hours per week). They’re available to provide support including homework assistance, light cleaning, after school activity drop off and other tasks previously agreed upon. Learn More.

Emergency Nannies: Don’t cancel date night because your babysitter came down with a sudden cold! As a member of The Nanny Share Network, you’ll have access to on-call nannies who are available with just a few hours’ notice. Learn More.

Newborn Baby Nannies: A newborn baby care specialist takes some of the stress off parents, lends support and helps you adjust to parenthood. They offer flexible hours, support all your baby’s needs and ensure the nursery and all items are clean & tidy. Learn More.

Special Needs Children Nannies: Families of children with special needs require a strong support system. Our nannies are experienced & trained to work with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome & other special needs. Learn More.

Educational Nannies & Tutors: Whether your K-12 child is struggling academically, needs a little extra support or is preparing for the upcoming school year, we offer highly educated tutors for all subjects. Learn More.

Join our Nanny Agency!

Families seeking a childcare provider on a full time or part time basis can fill out our questionnaire by clicking the “Join Network” link in our top menu. Please be as detailed as possible when answering the questions regarding your family, children and what you’re looking for in a nanny. We’ll use this information to connect you with a qualified caregiver in our Delaware County, PA nanny network. The Nanny Share Network is now proudly serving families throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania!