As former nannies we understand the needs and concerns of working in the Childcare field. We are dedicated to creating positive healthy family styled environments between our nannies, families, and staff. Being a member of The Nanny Share Network, you are sponsored by a professional and supportive agency to help you succeed in obtaining positions that best fit your needs. Build on your experience with the variety of positions we offer to broaden your creative and educational skills. Join the network created by nannies for nannies.


As a young girl, I was supported by Child Life Specialists throughout my early education. These professionals had a huge impact on my development, which ignited my passion for working with children. I went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Phoenix University. Throughout my professional career, I held a position as an Assistant Teacher at a daycare facility then built my career as a Nanny for the past 10 years. The theories and practices that I learned during my studies and professional experience as a Nanny are now applied to The Nanny Share Network. Similar to the Child Life Specialists in my childhood, my goal is to provide a safe, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment for children and families. These principles are also the qualities that embody a stellar Nanny and the foundation of The Nanny Share Network. With great pride, I pour my subject matter expertise of child development and ability to organize appropriate care based on children and family needs.


As a young girl, I've always had a passion for teaching and caring for children. My mother inspired my love for children; she worked as a Childcare Provider and also played an integral role in the lives of the children in our neighborhood. Through my studies of childhood development and children's outreach, I developed the core values that I've carried throughout my childcare career. My career includes childcare support at daycares, homeschooling children, and over 10 years as a Nanny. While working with children, my ultimate goal is to encourage self expression, independence, compassion, and kindness. These values lie within the foundation of The Nanny Share Network. We inspire Nannies to create a safe and nurturing environment that allows children to develop and explore in a space that encourages curiosity and creativity.