Full Time & Part Time Nanny Services

A nanny, whether full time or part time, is an excellent childcare option if you prefer not to use traditional day care or after school program options. Nannies not only help with homework, pickup/drop off at extracurricular activities and light housework, but also reinforce positive behavior and allows your family to stick to a schedule. The Nanny Share Network provides a variety of nanny services for busy parents including full time/part time help, overnight & on-call nannies, as well as tutors, E-Learning assistance and more. The nannies and caregivers in our network travel throughout the state of Pennsylvania and the greater Philadelphia area including Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County, PA. 

Full Time Nanny Responsibilities

A full-time nanny is a dedicated childcare professional who will work for your family at a minimum 32 hours per week. During these hours your full-time nanny will perform the agreed upon duties which can include school/activity drop off & pickup, homework assistance, cooking/diet/nutrition, getting the child(ren) ready for school or bed, light cleaning and more. Since a nanny spending this much time with your children & your family will be very involved in your lives it is important that you connect on a personal level and share the same childcare standards. At The Nanny Share Network, we take the time to ensure our family/nanny matches are successful in order to minimize turnaround, while maximizing bonds. 

Part Time Nanny Responsibilities

Busy parents can utilize a part-time nanny to assist with after-school pick up and supervision for the few hours of downtime before you get home from work. Part-time nanny services & responsibilities generally include pickup/drop off to after school activities, preparing a light snack, helping with homework and helping parents by providing an extra pair of hands & eyes to watch & occupy the children. Through The Nanny Share Network, our part-time nannies work a minimum 20 hours to assist with childcare services and any other previously agreed upon duties.

We’ve eliminated the stress of searching for and interviewing full time and part time nannies who are the right fit for your family. All the qualified caregivers in our network have 2 years of experience in the field of childcare, CPR/first aid certification, plus pass a background/education/health & safety screening. We connect families and nannies who hold common interests, experience and availability. Fill out our Join the Network application to be connected with a nanny or Apply to get connected to jobs in your area.