e-Learning Nannies & Aides

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, schools across the Philadelphia area shut down and classes resumed on a remote learning basis only. While parents were balancing work from home and school from home they were suddenly faced with the foreign concept of eLearning, Zoom meetings and Google classroom. Not only did parents face the sudden pressure of meeting deadlines from their living rooms, but also managing their children’s academic work. In response, The Nanny Share Network was founded to provide families with affordable, reliable eLearning nannies, as well as childcare services. Our nannies are available throughout Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County & Delaware County, PA.

In-Person eLearning Nannies

The mission of our eLearning nannies is to minimize household stress and ensure your child’s academic success whether they are in the classroom, remote learning or experiencing a hybrid of both. We have nannies available for in-person academic help to meet the needs of your family. 

In-Person eLearning Nanny: Feel confident your child is accomplishing their tasks while in virtual class with the assistance of our eLearning aids. eLearning nannies come to your home to assist your student through their virtual classes. A hybrid between a nanny and a teacher, they can oversee your child throughout their virtual school day while parents work in or outside of the home.

Private K-12 Homeschool Nannies

Whether the global pandemic changed your opinion about traditional schooling, or you prefer to homeschool your children you can greatly benefit from the assistance of a nanny educator. A homeschooling nanny possesses a degree in K-12 Education, but they do not lead the classroom. They are simply there to enhance and supervise the educational experience, following closely the guidelines set by the parents. Mom or dad (or both) set the curriculum and are the predominant teacher, while the nanny is there to supervise and support the parents through the academic school year. 

The Nanny Share Network is comprised of a network of educated, professional nannies and tutors who not only want to see your child’s grade improve, but also increase their overall attitude towards learning. Parents can become a part of our network by clicking the Join Network link at the top of our website. Fill out the questionnaire carefully and with as much detail as possible so we can match you with the best nanny for your unique family life. If you’re an educator or passionate about childcare, become a nanny by clicking the Apply link for consideration.