Children’s Tutoring Services

Besides being a childcare and nanny agency, The Nanny Share Network also matches families with patient, educated tutors for grades K – 12. Our tutors can provide assistance to children who are remote learning, in the classroom or want to get ahead before the new school year starts. We have specialized tutors in all subjects to help your child reach their full academic potential. Whether your child is struggling academically or just needs an extra push, our tutors personalize learning strategies and provide one-on-one attention to give your child the boost they need to succeed. Tutoring services are available at your home in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County and all of Pennsylvania.

At-Home Tutoring Services for Kids

As with any nanny in our network, our academic tutors must be vetted, experienced, pass a background check and hold a current CPR/first aid certification. Further, the large majority of our tutors are either pursuing or hold a Teaching degree in K-12 Education, Special Education or Early Childhood Development. For the nannies and tutors in our network, caring for and educating children is a career, not simply a part time job. If your child is interested in learning a secondary language they do not offer in school, we can match you with a tutor that is fluent in a variety of languages including Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and much more.

Grades K-12 Homeschool Nannies

Parents who prefer to homeschool their children, or are new to the process, may benefit from hiring a homeschool nanny to assist and aid in the educational program. A homeschool nanny is a little different than a tutor because the nanny must possess a degree in education. However, they are not there to lead the educational experience, but simply enhance and supervise, following closely the guidelines set by the parents. If you have multiple children, the nanny could supervise some of the children, while the parent is teaching the others. Home schooling nannies are a great resource to supervise, nurture, teach and support the parents through the academic school year.

At The Nanny Share Network, our tutors strive not only to improve your child’s grades but increase their study skills and overall attitude towards learning. If you’re interested in any of our tutoring services, fill out our questionnaire by clicking on the Join Network link in the top menu of our website. Similarly, if you are passionate about educating our youth, become a tutor by clicking the Apply link for consideration and to be matched with a family in your area.